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Privacy and Policy

This site’s privacy policy informs you about how the data is collected and managed as you use our website to review online casinos. We appreciate your faith in us and want to have transparency in the system to ensure that your data is safe and encrypted.

We strive to provide complete information about privacy practices for our games, software, APIs, websites, applications, products, and other services through this privacy policy. 

In addition to this, we provide complete awareness of how we use the collected data and the measures we take for the confidentiality of data.

We encourage you to read the whole privacy policy to know the terms and conditions of data collection and how your data is used and kept safe with us.

What are the legal terms in Malaysia when it comes to online gambling?

Gambling was brought to Malaysia in the 19th century by Chinese merchants. Although gambling is illegal in Malaysia because it being a Muslim country, three primary legal terms explain the gambling laws in Malaysia in detail.
  • Under the betting Act 1953, gambling is legal in Malaysia in case a license is issued by the authorities, and the company covers telecommunications and another form of bet transmission between betting houses and customers. Anyone going against this law will be fined 200,000 RM and five years in jail.
  • Under the lotteries Act 1952, six lotteries are declared legal for casinos in Malaysia.
  • Under the Racing Act 1961, betting on horses and three racecourses is declared legal in Malaysia.

How does the personal data, financial data, and cookies information is handled?

To improve the quality of services and to facilitate the users with a better experience while using our website, technical information that is transmitted by your system is collected at our server through cookies. 

The information we collect through this source includes software and hardware information, your device's operating system, browser, access time, and the website’s domain name.

Furthermore, we also collect information about the usage of services, which includes user activity. We use this information for analytical and research purposes about how you use our services.

In addition to this, we may collect and receive data from other online service providers and vendors who might have referred you to our site. 

We use this information to process transactions, handle orders and provide information about existing and new promotional offers of online casinos. The data remains secure and is shared with the staff and relevant third parties to complete transactions.

General Statement

The Privacy Policy of Markus Giesler is incorporated by reference into the Terms of Service to form an integral part thereof. The Privacy Policy and term of service shall collectively constitute an “Agreement” that testifies a legal bond between and a governing the relationship between you and us.

In this agreement, the term "your,” “You,” "user," or “player” means any person who uses the Services, Site, or the Software under the Agreement.

Accessing the site means you consent to the terms and conditions and agree to be bound by the terms outlined in the agreement.

Acceptance and Amendments of the agreement

  • In case of disagreement with any of the terms and conditions, you must stop using the site and services spontaneously.
  • We may amend the agreement from time to time, which becomes effective after 14 days of publishing. During that period, your use of the website will be deemed to constitute the acceptance of amended terms.
  • You remain responsible for checking the up-to-date privacy policy and Terms of service regularly.
  • We can suspend your services from our site at any time without providing any financial compensation based on your agreement breach or any other similar reason.

Use of site and services

  • You may use the services and site only if you’re above 18 and over the age under which the site is legal according to the law of any jurisdiction.
  • The material or services provided on the website are not designed to attract an audience under the Legal age.
  • If you are under the legal age, you must stop using the site and its services immediately.


  • The site aims to provide information about online casinos and the gambling industry.
  • The services that this site provides are for free and for providing information only.
  • This site doesn’t operate or own any poker website, online casino, or accept bets.

Intellectual property rights

  • The site, its licensors, and affiliates own all the content, information, software, and other data available through the site.
  • You agree not to remove or amend any proprietary notice or copyright notice on the site.
  • The trademarks, service marks, or brand names are of the company, its licensors, and its affiliates, and these entities have all rights to use these trademarks.
  • The content and trademarks of the site are protected and preserved by copyrights, and you hereby acknowledge that by using this site or its services, you have no right to use the trademarks and other content of the site.

Your undertaking and representations

As you visit our site, you affirm and warrant:
  • You are about the legal age
  • Use of the site in a personal capacity only.
  • You determine and verify not to violate any rules or regulations of any jurisdiction that apply to you or use the site’s content unlawfully.
  • You will use the site by the placed terms and conditions.
  • You will not use the information or services provided by the site for any illegal activity or unauthorized purpose that violates the law.

Security of Players’ Personal and Financial Data

Markus Geisler has an active system in place to keep your information and data secure. We use a unified central security network to prevent unauthorized use of users’ information and ensure our users' information safety.
  • As we provide users globally, you might sometimes need to transfer your information outside the European Union, where the security laws might not be comprehensive. We, in this case, provide complete security of personal data by taking specific steps.
  • We adopt contracts approved by the European Commission and use service providers that work specifically to secure your personal information, just as it is in Europe.
  • Your information will be transferred only to countries capable of providing adequate security for personal data by the European Commission.
  • We use service providers in the US to transfer your data to offer the same level of data protection through a privacy shield to protect data between Europe and the US.